Easiest appointment

Automate, not just digitise

Our AI-powered scheduler is targeted at preventing wastage of even a single precious minute of both doctors and patients. Queuing is made fully automated through wifi-checkins and automated ushering of patients through voice-activated TVs

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The easiest appointments

Our appointment systems can be used by front desk and call-centre staff, and by patients on kiosks, websites and even on a fully integrated hospital-branded patient’s app

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Upgrade your Front-desk

New patients can register on tablets at the hospital, or on their app, saving them at least 15 minutes at the hospital front desk. Our apps will even prompt patients about the best time to leave their homes, and offer to book their cabs as well and make payments online

Our Product


Our Premier Appointment Booking, Billing and EMR System.
Guaranteed to give your patients the best hospital experience till date

Desktop apps


Desktop apps

Hospital-branded patient’s App

Desktop apps


Desktop apps


Desktop apps

Widget and QuickPay

Desktop apps


Intelligent assistant

Effortless clinical documentation

Our clinical documentation system sits on the doctor’s own smartphone requiring almost-zero typing. This compares with the speed and mobility offered by paper and is the best way to digitise health records

Covers all your patients

AI-powered doctor’s assistant

The doctor’s app is customised to suit the particular practice of each doctor. Moreover, it learns the prescribing behavior of the doctor and optimises itself to drastically cut-down documentation time

Covers all your patients

Transformative Healthcare

Our systems ensures that healthcare is not restricted to a single clinic visit, but stays with the patient till they get better. Automated monitoring of the patient’s progress immensely enhance patient outcomes, treatment compliance and satisfaction levels

VC One


Integrated practice

Multiple apps to connect you, your staff, and your patients, helping create enduring doctor-patient relationships

Fast and Easy

Covers all your patients

Our apps are configured to suit all kinds of patients, whether tech-friendly or not, and encourages familiarity, trust and therefore, better compliance

Integrated Practice

Partner with your patients

Patients are twice as satisfied knowing the level of your commitment to their care. Provide a reimagined hospital experience during their visit and truly work with them in solving their healthcare needs

Our Vision

At Virtual Clinic, we follow a simple philosophy

Write. Learn. Touch. 

The increasing pressure to produce timely and accurate documentation demands a new generation of tools that complement patient care rather than compete with it. To produce near-flawless documentation at the point-of-care, our solutions are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. As a result, healthcare organisations can enjoy far higher productivity and satisfaction. To give clinicians a more natural way to tell the patient story, including visualisation of clinical information, we go the extra mile. Our goal is to make it easier for clinicians to document everything without ever taking their focus off what matters most—caring for their patients.


We are obsessed with patient retention as a business metric, as a strong metaphor for patient satisfaction. Patients are often the best evangelists for your hospital, so knowing who they are and how they became a retained patient is crucial for repeating the process. You can’t improve what you can’t track. Deploy analytics to both business as well as the clinical aspects of your hospital. Measuring data — including patient-reported symptoms, complications, and improvements over time — when a patient stands out as not achieving certain benchmarks, the clinician has the data available immediately.


Engage your patients. We have defined engagement as interaction, listening and learning about them. Engagement is not just effective strategy, it is care. A patient who is more involved, more engaged has better outcomes and is more satisfied but the trick is to do it consistently and knowing how to measure it. Healthcare is the business of behaviour modification. Empowering your patients with the resources that will help them maintain a long term outcome is one of the best ways you can provide value to the patient and improve treatment adherence.

We’ve got you covered

We’ve got you covered

We provide on-site support and training, and are always just a phone call or chat away for instant resolution

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